Outsourced compiler development and maintenance

Maintaining a compiler or any other language processing infrastructure is hard work, and always critical. It is a world where failure or even approximations just are not acceptable, and which requires very specific skillsets.

And as if it were not hard enough, assembling a team with the right profiles in such a specialized niche area is a challenge. And it can turn into a headache.

At Raincode Labs, we can take that headache off you. Writing and maintaining compilers is what we do for a living. We have some of the best minds in this industry, and a critical mass that allows us to cover a large spectrum of technologies and competencies.

Consulting, studies and assessments

Raincode Labs’ unique expertise and position in the market allows for comprehensive and thoroughly documented studies on all matters related to programming languages and their treatment: design issues, strategic options, portability, performance issues, etc.

More specifically than assessments in general, migration projects are more than I.T business as usual. They can be disruptive, complex, and risky to ongoing operations. 
Raincode Labs assists you in identifying the required tasks and provides the best practice guidance needed for a successful migration. This assessment requires specialized skills and experience at all stages of the process. Our seasoned consultants distinguish realistic expectations from pipe dreams, state of the art technologies from unreasonable endeavors and sketch sensible migration plans that work.

PACBASE Migration

What happens with generated code when the generator died? PACBASE’s end of life leaves hundreds of corporations with very few options regarding the millions of code lines they created in the last 20 years.
At Raincode Labs, we created a technology to restructure the PACBASE-generated COBOL and deliver a structured, understandable and maintainable COBOL without any technical dependencies. This facility has been used at dozens of sizes, and has processed hundreds of millions of production-level code.

An oddball: Jbasic

Never heard of it? It is an Integrated Development Environment also known as jBase. As with all the languages specially created for a purpose, one day, it may not fit the original purpose anymore, and a corporation would like to enlarge the scope of applications. Our grammar and language specialists have created a way to automatically translate Jbasic in C# with no regression.

And beyond the anecdote, Jbasic is a great example of what language expertise can do to address shrinking markets, so small already that no one is willing to invest in dedicated tools any longer.