Bankia Spain Migration: Raincode Labs Completes Successful Migration From PACBASE

Brussels/Belgium – November 02, 2020 –  Bankia, Spain’s fourth-largest bank, finished a successful large-scale migration from PACBASE to COBOL.

Bankia Spain enlisted the help of industry technical experts Raincode Labs to carry out the migration, which saw more than 100,000 programs migrated from PACBASE and restructured into native COBOL. The task was no mean feat, as Bankia was one of the largest PACBASE sites in the world. Approximately 240 million lines of generated code were processed by Raincode Labs’ automated migration solution.

Raincode worked hard to ensure delivery on time and within budget, completing four lots at a rate of one lot per quarter. The result was the fully automated restructuring of Bankia’s mainframe applications .

Moving Away From PACBASE

Developed by the French software firm Compagnie Générale d’Informatique (CGI), later acquired by IBM, PACBASE was an advanced computer-aided software engineering tool for its time, designed to support development for large scale banking and commerce operations.

The American computing giant eventually moved to phase out PACBASE. As a result, any organization still relying on PACBASE in the coming years will face a support and maintenance cost explosion.

Automated Restructuration to native COBOL

This is why Raincode Labs’ PACBASE migration solution provides such an advantage to organizations. It is a fully automated tool that uses PACBASE-generated COBOL code as an input and restructures it into well-organized, readable, and easily maintainable COBOL. The applications behavior is maintained. There is no functional change, and the only alterations involve the enhancement of maintainability.

About Raincode Labs and Its Solution

Raincode Labs prides itself on being the largest independent compiler company in the global market, offering a broad range of products and services to its customers. With more than 25 years of experience, Raincode Labs has cemented its position at the head of its field.

The PACBASE solution from Raincode Labs is an automated tool that restructures PACBASE generated code into COBOL, ready for redeployment. The solution is designed to minimize downtime and to retain the original functionality of the applications. This makes for an easy and efficient transition  to a more future-proof and maintainable environment — by means of a fully automated process — with minimal disruption to the business.