• Raincode is the sole vendor for the services, code and data migration tools, as well as the target platform, thereby optimizing costs and avoiding a complex split of responsibilities.

• The process is fully automated, to mitigate the risk involved in every manual transformation, even if it only applies to 1 or 2 percent of the system, which is to be migrated.

• DataKom 360 covers more than the basics of a typical CA-IDEAL and CA-DATACOM site; it can deal with some of the more exotic features as well.

Datakom 360 is a not only code & data migration, but a fully integrated working environment:
• No code freeze
• 100% automated migration
• Produces structured, readable and maintainable code
• Fully integrated target environment
• Guaranteed functional equivalence
• Target homogeneous stack
All inclusive: Code migration, data migration, target platform, and all the needed services to get there, with a controlled risk.

Data Migration
The DataKom toolset addresses data migration, taking all the aspects of this issue into account:
• EBCDIC to ASCII conversion if necessary, taking the original codepage into account
• Data cleansing, specified centrally in the data dictionary rather than coded ad hoc in migration programs
• Sorting and deduplication if necessary
• COBOL REDEFINE clauses are taken into account, using a default heuristic, that can be overridden locally or globally
The DataKom data migration toolset allows for versatile database schema operations, such as synthesizing one or more Datacom column as dates in SQL, deciding whether a specific column contains binary data or should go through an EBCDIC to ASCII conversion.

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