We Speak Your Language


Episode 1

Julien Verlaguet

For our first episode we would like to introduce Julien Verlaguet. Having been employed at Facebook for almost a decade, Julien worked predominantly as the head open source developer on their type PHP Hack. Julien since continued at Facebook to develop the Skip language and currently works self-employed as the head open source developer of Skip.



 If you are fascinated by programming languages, if they are more than just a tool, whether you design them, compile or interpret them, analyze, optimize or measure them – this podcast is for you.

Hosted by Darius Blasband and Jan Vitek, each episode features an interview with a guest from the field of compiler technology. We focus on people with the particular mindset it takes to work on language technologies, a mindset wired to think about programs as abstract objects to be studied, manipulated and transformed, and languages and compilers as playgrounds of the creative mind.

We stay away from the technicalities that have been described extensively in separately published material.

Instead, we interview language designers, past and current, compiler writers, tool developers, educators, researchers, the famous as well as the confidential, but always with a story to tell, always with a fresh perspective. They share ideas, motivations, ambitions and even frustrations.

Our community is made of passionate people, with strong and sometimes conflicting opinions, but conversations remain civil even when we disagree on most things. This is about confronting ideas, not about winning an argument.

So join us for inspiring conversations with inspiring people.

After all, it’s in the title.

We speak your language.


Jan Vitek was born in Czech Republic and holds a PhD from the University of Geneva. He has worked at various educational institutions and been involved in a couple of startups, but nothing too serious. He is partly responsible for the concept of Ownership Types but should not be blamed about their use in Rust. He led a project to build a real-time Java virtual machine, which flew in a drone built by Boeing. He is working on a just-in-time compiler for the language R, which will be his undoing.

Darius Blasband was born in 1965 and holds a master’s degree and a PhD from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. His focus is legacy modernization, articulated around compilers for legacy languages. Darius is the founder and CEO of Raincode (http://www.raincode.com), main designer and implementer of its core technology, an acclaimed speaker in academic and industrial circles. He is the author of “The Rise and Fall of Software Recipes” (ISBN-13 : 978-9490783426) This pointless blah-blah can go on for pages, but essentially, Darius is a geek. Building software systems is what he likes best. After his family. After chocolate, and at par with music.