If you love compilers, programming languages, LLVM, parsers, intermediate representations, virtual machines and more, come and talk. You may learn a thing or two when working with us. Or even better, you could teach us stuff.

The company is part of a unique technological Lab based in Brussels, Belgium, gathering 49 eclectic people including numerous PhDs, various MScs, an evangelist with its marketing and commercial gospel as well as a caring HR and support team from 15 different nationalities.

We are irreverent, unconventional, not corporate… We don’t like BMWs, we cherish privacy (we work with social networks, we do not feed GOFA or MS deliberately). We like food, drinks, everything that make us laugh and anything that thrills. We love LIFE!…What else… Yes… Chocolate… Very important good chocolate.

Thanks to more than 25 years of experience, the Lab has been developing a wide scope of tailor-made products and services covering a wealth of techniques, platforms and geographies, partnering with the biggest names in their industries.