Raincode S.P.R.L. is a leading company in compiler design and more generally, language processing infrastructures. We are headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, and serve customers in all major regions of the globe. We have a sales and support office serving the North American market, and a development facility in Bangalore, India.
Our organization is divided into two commercial activities:


  • Brussels

    Our main engineering centre is located in downtown Brussels, Belgium, close to the historical city centre, within walking distance from Brussels main train station (Gare du Midi/Zuidstation) for convenient connections to cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London.

  • Intellectually Rich Environment

    There is more to internships than just the actual work. Significant value comes from being immersed in an exciting and challenging environment. To ensure maximum synergy between our team and each intern, full-time presence in Brussels for the duration of the internship is strongly advised, but more flexible schemes can be discussed on a case by case basis. (Not 99, or 99.99, but 100%!)

  • Mentoring

    Interns work under the direct supervision of a mentor, who is responsible for both the scientific and the logistics aspects of the internship. Interns are integrated into the team as extensively as possible, mingling with the entire staff (breakfast, lunch, various social occasions). For the duration of their internships, they are an integral part of our staff.
    Consequently, both the freedom and obligations that come with regular staff positions apply to interns:

    1.  Flexible working hours, including remote work,when and as agreed upon with their mentor
    2. Casual dress code
    3. Professionalism, courtesy, trust and solidarity

  • Implementation and theory

    Internships at Raincode Labs are never about theory alone, nor are they only about the finished product. They always combine a strong theoretical component with an equally strong focus on a working implementation.
    Part of the value of a Raincode Labs internship lies in our focus on a production-level implementation, high quality standards and systematic test infrastructures. This stands in stark contrast with purely academic implementation efforts, which often aim only at demonstrating some level of feasibility, without caring for the quality or the practicality of the resulting implementation.

  • Production and research: a delicate balance

    Most Raincode Labs internship topics have a strong relationship with industry, and focus on solving a real-world problem. However, our attention to industrial applicability does not mean that interns are considered cheap labour for customer paying projects.
    More specifically, our guarantee to our customers is that everyone working on a paid project is a fully qualified professional, while our guarantee to interns is that they will not be exploited for commercial purposes. The topics always show some level of industrial interest and applicability, but we maintain a Chinese wall between academic investigations and industrial projects.

Selected publications

  • Parsing in a Hostile World, Darius Blasband WCRE 2001: 291-300

  • Hard Facts vs. Soft Facts, Darius Blasband, WCRE 2008: 301-304.

  • Software Language Identification with Natural Language Classifiers, Juriaan Kennedy van Dam, Vadim Zaytsev, SANER 2016: 624-628.

  • Raincode assembler compiler (tool demo), Volodymyr Blagodarov, Yves Jaradin, Vadim Zaytsev, SLE 2016: 221-225.

  • The Rise and Fall of Software Recipes, Darius Blasband, Reality Bites Publishing 2016, ISBN 978-9-490-78342-6, pp. 1-368.

  • Language Design with Intent, Vadim Zaytsev, MoDELS 2017: 45-52

  • Towards a Taxonomy of Grammar Smells, Mats Stijlaart, Vadim Zaytsev, SLE 2017: 43-54.

  • Parser Generation by Example for Legacy Pattern Languages, Vadim Zaytsev, GPCE 2017: 212-218

  • Live Robot Programming: The language, its implementation, and robot API independence. Miguel Campusano, Johan Fabry, Elsevier SCP 2017, v.133: 1-19

  • Open Challenges in Incremental Coverage of Legacy Software Languages, Vadim Zaytsev, PX/17.2: 1-6

Master thesis topics and internships

This section lists topics for internships that can extend to a masters thesis, if so required by the students’ university. They are merely starting points: more often than not, the actual work that is being performed ends up diverging significantly from the original plan.


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