We have our three groups of competencies, compiler development, language expertise and migration, let’s see how these can apply to your existing computer code. Whether it be for code-generation or database management system for mainframes and fully integrated working environment, here are concrete examples of refactoring.

Pacbase migration

Our PACBASE® Migration solution allows organizations to maintain the value of large PACBASE portfolios in a risk-free migration project. The legacy application is then free from any dependency on any proprietary tool or technology.

PACBASE’s technical merits are impeccable. It is an efficient and rigorous development environment that has proven its ability to master complexity and ongoing changes over the years.
Even so, using a proprietary environment to maintain mission-critical applications induces a dramatic risk, such as, when the – sole – vendor of the tool changes its focus, or decides to terminate the product altogether.

Our PACBASE migration solution induces no dependency. At the end of the process, the application does not depend on any additional proprietary component or tool. It produces standard COBOL code that can be maintained using standard tools available in a vibrant marketplace.

With more than 10 years of development on a proven technology, over 200 million lines of code and several large accounts already migrated make us the only player to master PACBASE migrations in production.


DataKom 360 migrates CA-IDEAL® applications to standard and readable COBOL.
It is a not only code & data migration, but a fully integrated working environment. The Datakom data migration toolset allows for versatile database schema operations, such as synthesizing one or more Datacom column as dates in SQL, deciding whether a specific column contains binary data or should go through an EBCDIC to ASCII conversion.

Datakom includes a complete data dictionary management system, which can be initially populated with the original CA-Datacom data dictionaries, and which drives the entire migration process (including data migration, code translation, etc.).


A target language for modernization of legacy applications.


Before the explosion in the 80s’ of relational databases, there was IDMS. Raincode Labs has developed a strong partnership with Forecross, which has developed a strong expertise in IDMS modernization.
A network database management system for mainframes which essential role is the organization, storage and retrieval of data. It remains the most efficient messaging, transaction, database and batch manager available.

CA Gen®

A high-level code generation tool, it includes a database schema design, client-server communications and its own version control repository. It generates COBOL code from models. COOL:Gen®, often called AllFusion Gen® or Advantage:Gen®, runs on many different platforms and environments.

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