Welcome to our team of 35 compiler experts!

Programming languages are your thing?

Compilers, interpreters, JIT, pre-processors, grammars, register allocation, term rewriting, LLVM and more are what brought you to computer science in the first place?

Raincode Labs is the place for you. It is the largest independent compilation technology company in the world, with a wide scope of products and services covering a wealth of techniques, platforms and geographies, partnering with the biggest names in the industry. Exciting projects, cutting edge technologies, deployed in the entire world and beyond (well, not yet, but we don’t despair of sending compilers to the moon). A no-nonsense management style, combining an emphasis on ethics and team spirit, a relaxed work atmosphere,  and a dedication to technical excellence.

Last but not least strong relationships with the academic world.

Darius Blasband, CEO Raincode Labs