Read Chapter 14: DSL from “The Rise and Fall of Software Recipes”.

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With these two focuses in mind, we deliver

industrial-grade DSL projects.

A reliable partner

Raincode Labs is the best partner

for your DSL project TECHNOLOGY

The most prestigious references

All DSL projects are different. That’s their very nature. Still, references matter, as they demonstrate the breadth of Raincode Labs’ expertise.

RCMS is a multi-year DSL project delivered to Mastercard to formalize validation and mapping rules for message formats representing credit card operations as supported by different networks. RCMS is more than a language project. It covers most aspects of software development, including IDE support, specification, optimized code generation, test generation and more.

ERTMSFormalSpecs (or EFS) is a DSL used to model the behaviour rules described informally in the ETCS specifications, which define the interoperability rules for railway control systems from different vendors to interact gracefully. It includes a graphical notation for automata, an animator, a language to specify braking curves over multiple segments, etc.

The Raincode Scripting Language is a language designed and used internally by Raincode to implement source code analysis and transformation tasks. It includes primitives to process parse trees and sets of nodes, allowing for the compact expression of tasks that would otherwise require ten times more code.


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