We are dragons.

We write compilers.

We write interpreters, pre-processors, IDE’s, anything that connects one way or another with programming languages.

We deal with grammars, register allocation, assemblers, JIT, regular expressions, Visual Studio, ANTLR, JVM, term rewriting, DSLs, Eclipse, LLVM, yacc, .NET, models, Bison, Roslyn, and more. We cover a wide range of technologies, and keep up with the latest developments in the field.

We provide development and consulting services in these specialized areas, supporting organizations that cannot or will not divert their resources away from they core business to start a compiler practice.

We have critical mass, allowing us to cover a broader range of topics than even the most brilliant individual can master on his/her own.

We also come with a large array of existing IP (parsers and more), giving us a head start when embarking in language processing projects. Some of these components can even be licensed to third parties, or used by our customers so that they can self-reliant for many language transformation tasks.

We don’t just know what the Dragon book is. We haven’t just read the Dragon book.

We are dragons.

Raincode Labs is a proud member of SlashKernel, a group created and run by Software Engineers that is founded on the prioritization of unconventional approaches, supporting new ideas and maintaining work-life balance while also remaining focused on fun and authenticity.