The largest independent compiler company in the world, with more than 25 years of experience

Compilers, interpreters, JIT, pre-processors, grammars, register allocation, refactoring, assemblers, term rewriting, LLVM, optimizations, MSIL, parsers, dragons and more are what we do and what brought us to computer science in the first place.

Raincode Labs is the largest independent compilation technology company in the world, with a wide scope of products and services covering a wealth of techniques, platforms and geographies, partnering with the biggest names in the industry.

Discover how LzLabs developed a custom platform for maintaining and developing migrated legacy code in their Software Defined Mainframe using Raincode Labs bespoke compilers.

Bankia, the fourth largest bank in Spain, is embarking on the largest PACBASE migration to date– a staggering 120,000 programs– with Raincode Labs. Read the press release here

Learn about how data center and IT service partner for the financial sector in the Nordic, SDC, freed themselves from the AppBuilder development environment using a highly customized DSL from Raincode Labs.

Find out how mBank, Poland’s #1 mobile bank, improved the quality of their code and modernized their core banking system using custom solutions developed by Raincode Labs.